If you ever find yourself facing criminal charges in Greensboro, it is imperative you make a phone call to one of the most aggressive criminal defense lawyers in the area, Don Vaughan. Don is a determined advocate for every client he represents.

The Importance of Remaining Silent When Arrested

When you are arrested or under suspicion of a crime, it is important to remain silent, especially if the accused crime is a serious one. This is why hiring a good felony attorney like Don Vaughan is imperative. If you find yourself in need of such an attorney in Greensboro, you can be assured that Don will understand the severity of the charges you are facing and will defend you to the very best of his ability using a wealth of resources.

Remaining silent will allow your attorney to provide you with an even better defense. When police state that “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law,” they are absolutely serious. Many times, the statements defendants make immediately after an arrest are used in court by the prosecution.

Often, when people are arrested, especially under the suspicion of serious charges, there is a natural instinct to want to “plea” your case. It will seem very logical that if you explain your version of events and why you are not guilty, that officers will be sympathetic to your story and “cut you a break.” It is important to be aware that this is never the case, even if you proclaim your innocence and tell the story in a manner you feel cannot possibly incriminate you.

Call an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

The best thing you can do in such an unfortunate situation is to call an experienced attorney. Felonies often carry mandatory jail sentences and state prosecuting attorneys often make their best effort to ensure convictions against defendants. Often, felony charges involve many complex layers and are not as straightforward as traffic tickets or misdemeanors.

Don Vaughan will be able to put up a strong argument against the accusations brought against you with all the prowess that one can expect of a tireless and aggressive criminal attorney.

Don Vaughan has a wealth of experience in cases involving DWI, felonies and misdemeanors, expungements, civil litigation, auto accidents, last wills and testaments, speeding tickets, pardons and even real estate related matters. Don has a wealth of experience as a felony criminal defense attorney in Greensboro and will ensure you receive the representation you need in any situation. TAP: 336-273-1415 for representation from Don Vaughan.