Getting a speeding ticket is unfortunate, but it is pretty common. Most drivers will get at least one in their lifetime. If you do get one, you have a variety of options for how to handle it. Make the right move and you could save money and avoid points against your driving record. But you have options. Should you pay the ticket or fight the speeding ticket in court?

Speeding Ticket Options in NC

  • Pay the ticket. You can always just pay the fine on the ticket and accept the consequences, which typically involve points against your driving record and possible increased car insurance fees. Points on your driving record eventually add up with multiple offenses and too many can result in loss of license.
  • Fight the speeding ticket yourself. You can appear in court and attempt to defend yourself. If the police officer who issued you the ticket doesn’t show up, you could be off the hook. But if he or she does, you will have to attempt to prove that you weren’t speeding, which may be difficult if you actually were. This costs you time, especially if you are required to take off work in order to appear in court, and a positive outcome is not guaranteed.
  • Seek mitigation. You can attempt to get leniency by going to driving school, which may reduce your fine and keep points off of your driving record. But positive results are never guaranteed, and driving school is time consuming and costly. And by seeking mitigation you are admitting that you did commit the violation, and thus the judgement cannot be appealed.
  • ✔ Get a Speeding Ticket Attorney to fight it for you. Your best option for a desirable outcome is to hire a speeding ticket attorney to contest your ticket. Fees vary between attorneys, but paying an attorney to represent you can save you money in the end. You pay one fee to the attorney and avoid paying the ticket and the increased insurance rates that would most likely result from the points on your license.

Save Money & Your Driving Record by Hiring an Experience Attorney

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