Were you pulled over for speeding and issued a ticket? If so, you have a few options. You can simply pay the ticket. You can go to court and try to contest the ticket on your own. Or you can contact a lawyer and fight the ticket with experienced legal representation. Each of these options will most likely bring about drastically different results. But you are much more likely to wind up with a favorable outcome if you hire a lawyer. If you have been issued a speeding ticket in Greensboro, seek legal representation.

If you have received a Greensboro speeding ticket, you have three options:

  1. Pay the ticket. By paying the fine for a speeding ticket, you are pleading guilty to speeding. There will be points assigned to your driving record. Your car insurance rates will increase. Any tickets you receive in the future will add more points to your driving record, and could potentially lead to suspension or loss of your driver’s license.
  2. Contest the ticket in court. You are not obligated to pay the fine for a speeding ticket. You have the right to contest it in court. Typically your ticket will advise you of your court date. If you choose to appear in court to contest your ticket, you may stand a slight chance of getting it dismissed on your own. But unless you are familiar with the law and possible loopholes, you will most likely end up being required to pay the fine anyway. And you will likely still suffer the negative consequences of points on your license and increased insurance rates.
  3. Hire a lawyer to beat the ticket in court. If you decide to fight your speeding ticket, it is wise to hire legal representation. A lawyer who specializes in traffic tickets in the area where you were pulled over has a wealth of knowledge that can help to get your ticket dismissed. A Greensboro lawyer will be familiar with the judge, the district attorneys, and the law enforcement officers in the area. He will most likely be able to use the law in your favor to beat your ticket dismissed or get it reduced and avoid points against your driver’s license and insurance rate increases. Also, you probably won’t ever have to appear in court.

How does a lawyer get a speeding ticket dismissed?

You may be wondering how a lawyer manages to get speeding tickets dismissed in court. Expert lawyers are able to spot errors on tickets. If there is an error, the ticket can be dismissed on a technicality. Even if there is no error, a seasoned, highly regarded lawyer can often get the ticket dismissed, or reduce your charge, the fine, and points on your record. An experienced lawyer can also help you avoid traffic school.

Donald R. Vaughan and Associates: Greensboro Speeding Ticket Lawyers

If you have been issued a speeding ticket in Greensboro or the surrounding area, call Don Vaughan before you pay it. Don Vaughan can help you to avoid fines, points against your license, and increased insurance rates. We are local traffic lawyers in Greensboro NC who know the court system and officers in the area. You don’t have to plead guilty by paying your speeding ticket. Don’t pay the ticket just to avoid the hassle of going to court. Don’t make a move without a proven champion in your corner. Let Don Vaughan and Associates go to court for you. Call us at TAP: 336-273-1415.