If you have been arrested for any reason, the experience can be scary. Knowing what to do is extremely helpful in this situation. If you don’t understand your rights and how to exercise them, you may find yourself in a more serious situation. Follow these steps and get the help of a criminal attorney in Greensboro NC with a good reputation for successful outcomes like Don Vaughan and Associates.

  1. Ask for a lawyer. You have the right to an attorney in any situation where you have been arrested. Insist on your right to speak to a lawyer and have a lawyer present for any questioning.
  2. Remain silent. Exercise your Fifth Amendment rights and do not say anything other than to request a lawyer. By speaking or answering questions you may incriminate yourself unintentionally. Officials may try to persuade you to answer questions or to confess to crimes. Keep silent until your attorney comes.
  3. Call Don Vaughan and Associates. When you are given the opportunity to contact your attorney, call Don Vaughan and Associates. You need an experienced criminal attorney in Greensboro to help you through the process after an arrest and represent you in court if your case goes to trial.
  4. Cooperate with police and other officials. Other than remaining silent and requesting a lawyer, it is in your best interest to be as cooperative as possible. Resisting arrest or rude behavior toward police officers will only negatively impact your situation and possible trial outcome.

Don Vaughan and Associates Criminal Attorneys in Greensboro Will Protect Your Rights

The law is complicated and the average citizen is not equipped to represent themselves in a court of law. If you are arrested, you need a lawyer you can trust to make sure your rights are protected. To get the best possible outcome in court, contact Don Vaughan and Associates TAP: 336-273-1415.