It happens to a lot of teenage drivers. Getting their first speeding ticket can surely be a teachable moment. But there are also some unfortunate consequences that go along with it, like points against their driver’s license and increased insurance rates for you to pay. However, you may be able to avoid them by hiring a lawyer. There are many lawyers in Greensboro who handle traffic violations, and one with a high level of experience, tenacity, and success is Donald R. Vaughan. Don Vaughan recommends that you follow these steps if your teen gets a speeding ticket.

  1. Call a Lawyer that Specializes in Traffic Offenses in North Carolina. The consequences of a speeding ticket are never good, but in the case of a teenage driver, they can be even worse. The fine may be the same, but the already high insurance rates that accompany your teenage driver will go up even more. There’s also a chance that a driver under 18 who receives a speeding ticket will lose their license if there are already severe disciplinary problems at school such as more than 10 consecutive days of suspension. If the speeding ticket occurred while under a learner’s permit, it can severely delay the earning of a driver’s license. All of these consequences can possibly be reduced or eliminated with representation from an experienced lawyer.
  2. Discuss Safe Driving Habits. The only possible downside of hiring a traffic lawyer to reduce the consequences of a teenager’s speeding ticket is if he or she fails to learn the lessons these penalties are designed to teach. Make sure you discuss safe driving habits with your son or daughter. Perhaps dole out your own form of discipline that won’t cost you any money, but will teach the same lesson.
  3. Monitor their Driving. There are apps for smartphones that can track driving habits. Install one on your teen’s phone and keep tabs on their future driving habits. Just knowing that you are monitoring them may encourage safer driving. If there are continual problems, discuss and implement appropriate consequences.
  4. Send them to Driving School. Even if your teen has already completed driver’s education, it may behoove them to repeat it after a speeding ticket. Attending driving school, besides teaching better driving habits, can help to remove any points they may have received against their license due to the ticket. Furthermore, there are a lot of reputable driving schools that can help teenagers learn better driving habits located in the Greensboro area.

Call Don Vaughan and Associates as Soon as Possible Following a Speeding Ticket

Whether it’s your teenager or yourself who received the ticket, the sooner you call Don Vaughan and Associates the better. Experienced traffic lawyers in Greensboro like Don Vaughan know how to handle a speeding ticket in the local court system to get you the best possible outcome. You may be able to avoid paying fines and increased insurance rates when you fight the ticket. Teen drivers will inevitably make mistakes. It’s a normal part of learning to drive. But you don’t have to pay for them. Call Don Vaughan and Associates today: TAP: 336-273-1415