If you have received a ticket for a traffic violation, such as a speeding ticket or another infraction, you may be wondering what your options are. Should you pay the ticket, fight the ticket, or go to traffic school? Each option certainly has its advantages, but also some disadvantages. Consider the pros and cons of each route before making your decision.

Fighting a Ticket With a Traffic Attorney in Greensboro, NC

Pros: If you win, which is more likely with a traffic lawyer in Greensboro, NC, you can avoid paying a fine. Plus, you are spared the points on your driver’s license and the resulting insurance rate increases that accompany those points.

Cons: You have to pay the attorney’s fees.

Fighting a Ticket on Your Own

Pros: You avoid paying for an attorney, and if you win, you avoid points on your driver’s license and insurance rate increases.

Cons: You are less likely to win your case unless you are very well-versed in traffic law. If you do not win, you will still be required to pay the fine and you’ll receive points on your driving record that will affect your insurance.

Paying the Fine Amount on the Ticket

Pros: This process is quick and easy. In most cases, you can simply mail in a check or pay online. No need to appear in court or take any time off work.

Cons: You have to pay the full amount on the ticket and you will receive points on your driver’s license that stay there for 3 years. Your insurance company will likely raise your rate for at least those 3 years, perhaps longer. Contact your insurance company for information on their policies.

Going to Traffic School

Pros: You may be able to get your fine reduced or even eliminated. You avoid getting any points on your driver’s license and you avoid the insurance rate increase. You can typically complete it in just one day.

Cons: You have to sit through 6-8 hours of driver’s school, where you’ll be taught traffic laws in a similar fashion to your driver’s education classes in high school. Class times may or may not fit into your schedule.

Give Yourself That Extra Edge by Hiring Don Vaughan as Your Traffic Attorney in Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point NC

While all of the above options have their benefits, you can give yourself the best chance of saving money and keeping your driving record clear when you hire Don Vaughan and Associates to fight your ticket. Don Vaughan and Associates have represented numerous individuals in traffic court with successful outcomes. If you’re most interested in saving time and money immediately and in the future, fighting your ticket with a traffic attorney in Greensboro, NC, is your best bet. In most cases, you will never even have to appear in court. Your lawyer does the work and you carry on with your daily life. If you receive a traffic ticket, contact Don Vaughan and Associates as soon as possible. TAP: 336-273-1415