Are you in violation of your probation?

Attorney Don Vaughan will make sure your rights are protected in court for probation violationsJust because you have violated the terms of your probation does not mean that you have to go to jail. Life happens and there are circumstance under which a violation is understandable and forgivable.

An aggressive criminal defense attorney can help keep you out of jail and avoid a longer probation or more severe terms.

Donald R. Vaughan & Associates can defend you in cases of parole or probation violation and help you to get a better outcome in court.

The nature of the violation will have a bearing on the verdict. Some types of violations are considered more severe than others, mostly depending on the original crime.

But whatever the situation that caused your probation violation, we will work with you and do our best to make sure your rights are protected in court.

Know Your Probation Rights and Options

Several options are available to the sentencing judge that can, if the judge decides to do so, allow the defendant to avoid an active prison sentence. Whether to impose an alternative resolution or to activate the sentence rests in the sole discretion of the sentencing judge. Alternatives available to the judge under § 15A-1344 include:

  1. Continue probation under the existing terms and conditions.
  2. Modify the probation conditions to add or alleviate specific conditions and continue the probation.
  3. Modify the probation to place the defendant on special probation and require him to serve a term of imprisonment.
  4. Reduce a suspended prison sentence, terminate the probation and require the defendant to serve the active sentence.
  5. Terminate probation and discharge the defendant.
  6. Terminate probation and require the defendant to serve the original suspended sentence.

A key factor in the probation revocation process is the probation officer. As a general rule, a sentencing judge will rely on the probation officer’s judgment or recommendation in the determination of whether to modify or revoke probation.

Therefore, you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney in Greensboro who knows how to gain the respect and support of your probation officer.

Our firm can defend you in court for a probation violation. Because we are a local law firm, we are familiar with the local court system and probation officers. Our inside knowledge gives us the ability to plead your case and reduce the consequences of your probation violation. Call Donald R. Vaughan and Associates or TAP (336) 273-1415 and let us stand up for you.

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