What to Do if you are Involved in a Hit and Run

It’s unfortunate, but it happens. At some point in your lifetime, you may be involved in a hit and run accident. If another driver gets into an accident with you and flees the scene, that is considered a hit and run. The other party may leave the scene of an accident for a variety of reasons from being uninsured to being intoxicated. There are some important steps you need to take in order to get the compensation you deserve after this type of accident, the most important of which is to hire a hit and run attorney in Greensboro, NC…. Read More»

What to Do if You Get Pulled Over for a DWI?

DWI in GreensboroBeing pulled over is a nerve-racking experience. Being pulled over for a DWI can be terrifying. You may not know what to do, where to turn, or how to proceed. Simply follow these steps and call one of the most trusted and respected Greensboro attorneys, Don Vaughan. If you are Pulled Over and Charged with a DWI: Take notes. As soon as possible following the charge, write down everything you can remember about the experience. If you wait too long you could forget important details that could be useful in your case. Be sure to include these details: date, time,… Read More»

Small Claims vs. Civil Court. What are the Differences and Where Does My Case Fit?

Do you have a legal matter that may need to be solved in court? Depending on the situation, you may need to go to small claims court or possibly civil court. There are significant differences in these two types of court, and it can be difficult to determine where your particular case should go. Consider this comparison before you contact a lawyer in Greensboro. Small Claims vs. Civil Court: A Side By Side Comparison   Small Claims Court Civil Court Function Minor property damage, unpaid rent or personal loans, consumer complaints, unpaid wages, etc. Larger-scale property damage, divorce and child… Read More»

Differences in Speeding Violations

Traffic violations fall under two main categories: moving and non-moving. Speeding obviously falls under the category of a moving violation. There are also different degrees of speeding that result in specific consequences that range in severity. If you are pulled over and given a citation, which is just another name for a ticket, you do have options for how you choose to handle it. You can just pay the ticket or you can attempt to fight it with the help of a speeding ticket lawyer in Greensboro, NC. Fighting a Speeding Ticket in Court has Major Benefits If you win… Read More»

A DUI Doesn’t Have to be the End of the World

DUI in GreensboroIf you were pulled over and charged with a DUI, you are likely feeling very discouraged and worried about what the future may bring in the aftermath. But a DUI doesn’t have to be the end of the world. You do have rights in this situation, and an experienced DUI attorney in Greensboro, NC, can help you to understand your rights and fight for you in court. You may feel hopeless, but Donald R. Vaughan and Associates can give you hope. Here’s how. It’s Possible Your Rights Were Violated During Your DUI Arrest An arrest for a DUI must be… Read More»

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