Nursing Licensing Lawyers in Greensboro, NC

nurse licensing in North CarolinaNorth Carolina lawyers Don Vaughan and Associates, have decades of experience representing clients in civil litigation and other general legal matters for clients of all statuses and levels of sophistication.

Have you been accused in a legal claim that threatens your nursing license?

Vaughan Law is passionately dedicated to the defense of all nursing professionals, including Registered Nurses (RN), Nurse Practitioners (NP), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA), Nurse Specialist (CNS), CNA, etc. Our licensing lawyers in Greensboro, NC, represent the interests of healthcare providers accused in administrative hearings and professional licensing matters.

Contact a licensing lawyer in Greensboro, NC first

Investigations and formal accusations against licensed nurses are on the rise in North Carolina and other states. The State Board of Nursing would advise you to contact them first if you receive word of a claim filed against you. Donald R. Vaughan and Associates advise against this. Contact our licensing lawyers in Greensboro, NC, first, before making any kind of statement regarding the claim. Without legal representation, you are at risk of unknowingly incriminating yourself with your own words. When your license is at stake, you need skilled, seasoned and resolute legal representation. In addition to helping you preserve your license, our North Carolina lawyers will help you avoid paying out for a claim in which you were not at fault.

In some cases you may not lose your license, but a negative record will be filed against your license. If disciplinary action is the result of a claim, the record stays on your license even if your license is not revoked. This record is there indefinitely, and will follow you from state to state. 

We appreciate the hard work and selfless sacrifices of being a professional medical provider. It can be devastating when you work hard every day to provide the very best care for your patients and your integrity is questioned. The medical field is a demanding industry because people’s lives are at stake. When family members are not satisfied with the outcome of treatment for a loved one, they often look to medical staff for someone to blame for their pain and grief. Don’t be a victim of this common occurrence. Our North Carolina lawyers will fight aggressively to protect the reputation, assets, and careers of our clients, and help alleviate the stress involved in defending nurse licensing claims.

If you are facing a claim against your license, you need an experienced nursing licensing lawyer in Greensboro, NC. Don Vaughan and Associates has the knowledge and experience to defend you and protect your nursing license. We will do our best to keep your record clean and save your reputation as a medical professional. Call Don Vaughan and Associates at (336) 273-1415 here before you speak to anyone else regarding your case.