Greensboro Real Estate Closing Attorneys

Are you in the process of buying a home or building in Greensboro?

real estate closing attorney in Greensboro

When real estate is purchased in the state of North Carolina, it is customary for a closing attorney to be involved with the drafting and signing of the closing agreement. Having an attorney present for closings is a benefit to both parties, the buyer and seller, by ensuring that all legal matters are in order before funds are exchanged. Buying real estate is probably one of the largest financial purchases you will make in your lifetime. You should not make such a large purchase without the legal assistance of a Greensboro real estate closing attorney. Don Vaughan and Associates offers comprehensive real estate closing services for clients located in Greensboro and Guilford County, North Carolina.


Commercial Real Estate Attorneys In Greensboro, NC

commercial closing attorney in GreensboroIf you are in need of a commercial real estate attorney in Greensboro, NC, Don Vaughan and Associates can help. Commercial real estate closings can be more complicated than residential. This is due to many factors, including the fact that businesses often involve many individuals who enter into the negotiation process for each party. There is also a third-party escrow agent that serves as a middle-man of sorts; a holding place for the funds between the buyer and the seller. This is done as a matter of trust between the two parties while negotiations are taking place. Commercial real estate closings often require more extensive paperwork and allow for more flexibility in negotiations. Don Vaughan and Associates will work to make your real estate transaction as smooth and efficient as possible. We will explain the documents you are signing to be sure you understand each step of the process.

An attorney’s services in a closing help to protect you from entering into a financial agreement that is risky or unlawful in any way. All documents must be in order to protect the buyer from purchasing a poor quality home or building and to protect the seller from any disputes with the buyer. If you are getting a mortgage through a lender, an attorney will make sure you are entering into a fair payment agreement with your lender. Having a Greensboro real estate closing attorney present at real estate closings will make the process easier for all parties and ensures that all proceedings are legal. If you are in need of Greensboro real estate closing attorneys — residential or commercial — call Don Vaughan and Associates today at (336) 273-1415.