Being pulled over is a nerve-racking experience. Being pulled over for a DWI can be terrifying. You may not know what to do, where to turn, or how to proceed. Simply follow these steps and call one of the most trusted and respected Greensboro attorneys, Don Vaughan.

If you are Pulled Over and Charged with a DWI:

  1. Take notes. As soon as possible following the charge, write down everything you can remember about the experience. If you wait too long you could forget important details that could be useful in your case. Be sure to include these details: date, time, the reason the officer gave for stopping you, whether or not a breathalyzer was used and what it looked like, what you said to the officer regarding your consumption, whether or not you performed a field sobriety test, and any other details you can remember.
  2. Call a lawyer. If you’ve been charged with a DWI, you need an experienced attorney who knows how to handle these complex cases. Among Greensboro attorneys, Don Vaughan stands out as an aggressive advocate for accused drivers. Call as soon as possible following the charges so that Don can get to work protecting your rights: (336)273-1415.
  3. Get witnesses. Find anyone who saw you the night of your stop, either before, during, or afterwards who can vouch for you. Witnesses can go a long way toward helping your case. They may be able to give additional details regarding the stop, things you may not be able to recall on your own. Anyone who was with you in the vehicle during your stop is a particularly valuable witness. The more witnesses you can find, the better for your case.
  4. Take control of your social media. This is an often overlooked area of possible incrimination. Make your accounts private immediately following your stop. Do not post anything on social media about that day, being pulled over or the charges. Photos, posts, comments, etc. can be used against you in court and prosecutors will scour Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sources for incriminating evidence.
  5. Don’t worry. It may seem impossible not to sit and fret about the charges, your court date, and the possible consequences. Put your fears aside and trust in Don Vaughan. Don has more than 30 years of experience as an attorney and will work hard to be an aggressive advocate for you.

Get the Best North Carolina Attorneys on Your Side

A DWI accusation is just that, an accusation. It is not decided and it is not set in stone. You do have rights, and one of them is to seek legal representation to attempt to prove your innocence. Even if you are unable to prove that you were not driving while intoxicated, an attorney may be able to help you get reduced consequences for your charges. Mistakes happen, but an even bigger mistake is to go to court without legal counsel following DWI charges. Call Don Vaughan right away and put your future in capable hands. TAP: 336-273-1415