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Expungements – Expunctions – Clean up your recordIf you were ever charged with a crime (no matter how minor), that charge remains on your personal criminal record. This can unfairly impact your employability, your credibility, your ability to find housing, your reputation and even your eligibility to run for public office. Criminal charges remain on your record for an indefinite amount of time; they do not fall off no matter how many years have passed. The only way to completely clear your record is the process of expungement.

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Expungement, also referred to as expunction, refers to a court erasing a criminal record or removing a particular charge. An expungement is the process by which record of a criminal conviction is destroyed or sealed from the state or Federal repository. Donald R. Vaughan & Associates can help expunge misdemeanor and felony charges. Our firm will evaluate each case and determine whether or not expunction is available. For those who need a clean record for employment or government purposes, expungement is the only way to free a record of criminal history.

Each case is different, and our ability to expunge a criminal record depends upon a lot of factors. Our attorneys will discuss your situation with you and examine all the facts of the case to determine the chances of success. Don Vaughan and Associates will fight tirelessly to get your slate wiped clean and restore your record to its original state before any charges were filed.

Expungements – Expunctions – Clean up your record for apartment rentalsMany people mistakenly believe that if they are found “not guilty” or if the case is dismissed, that their record is clean. However, the charge is not erased, the record still exists. Records relating to an arrest or even a criminal charge are created by law enforcement officials at the time of arrest. A criminal record – even one that says you were found not guilty – can be enough to cause an employer or landlord to turn you down. When a background check is performed on an individual, any criminal charges on a person’s record will show up, regardless of the court verdict. But there is a way to fix this problem for some people.

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