What to Do if you are Involved in a Hit and Run

by Sean Creedon on March 5, 2018

It’s unfortunate, but it happens. At some point in your lifetime, you may be involved in a hit and run accident. If another driver gets into an accident with you and flees the scene, that is considered a hit and run. The other party may leave the scene of an accident for a variety of reasons from being uninsured to being intoxicated. There are some important steps you need to take in order to get the compensation you deserve after this type of accident, the most important of which is to hire a hit and run attorney in Greensboro, NC…. Read More

What to Do if You Get Pulled Over for a DWI?

by Sean Creedon on February 15, 2018

Being pulled over is a nerve-racking experience. Being pulled over for a DWI can be terrifying. You may not know what to do, where to turn, or how to proceed. Simply follow these steps and call one of the most trusted and respected Greensboro attorneys, Don Vaughan. If you are Pulled Over and Charged with a DWI: Take notes. As soon as possible following the charge, write down everything you can remember about the experience. If you wait too long you could forget important details that could be useful in your case. Be sure to include these details: date, time,… Read More

Small Claims vs. Civil Court. What are the Differences and Where Does My Case Fit?

by Sean Creedon on January 10, 2018

Do you have a legal matter that may need to be solved in court? Depending on the situation, you may need to go to small claims court or possibly civil court. There are significant differences in these two types of court, and it can be difficult to determine where your particular case should go. Consider this comparison before you contact a lawyer in Greensboro. Small Claims vs. Civil Court: A Side By Side Comparison   Small Claims Court Civil Court Function Minor property damage, unpaid rent or personal loans, consumer complaints, unpaid wages, etc. Larger-scale property damage, divorce and child… Read More

Differences in Speeding Violations

by Sean Creedon on December 10, 2017

Traffic violations fall under two main categories: moving and non-moving. Speeding obviously falls under the category of a moving violation. There are also different degrees of speeding that result in specific consequences that range in severity. If you are pulled over and given a citation, which is just another name for a ticket, you do have options for how you choose to handle it. You can just pay the ticket or you can attempt to fight it with the help of a speeding ticket lawyer in Greensboro, NC. Fighting a Speeding Ticket in Court has Major Benefits If you win… Read More

A DUI Doesn’t Have to be the End of the World

by Sean Creedon on November 26, 2017

If you were pulled over and charged with a DUI, you are likely feeling very discouraged and worried about what the future may bring in the aftermath. But a DUI doesn’t have to be the end of the world. You do have rights in this situation, and an experienced DUI attorney in Greensboro, NC, can help you to understand your rights and fight for you in court. You may feel hopeless, but Donald R. Vaughan and Associates can give you hope. Here’s how. It’s Possible Your Rights Were Violated During Your DUI Arrest An arrest for a DUI must be… Read More

Why You Should Never Speak to the Insurance Company Without a Lawyer

by Sean Creedon on November 10, 2017

Auto accidents can be incredibly frightening. The possibility of serious injuries and even fatalities can turn a car wreck into a legal battle. Insurance companies representing both sides have their own best interest in mind and want to pay as little as possible in compensation. If you are involved in an accident, you should always seek legal counsel before you speak to any insurance company, yours or the other party’s. Even if the accident seemed minor at the time, injuries can show up later and turn a fender bender into an insurance nightmare. Play it safe and hire an experienced… Read More

What to do when a Car Accident is Fatal for a Family Member

by Sean Creedon on October 25, 2017

It is unfortunate that fatalities occur in car accidents, far more often than imaginable. Such an event is tragic and the family will need ample time to deal with their grief. But it is also important for the surviving family members to remember that they do have rights in this situation. If the car accident was caused by the negligence of another driver, the case is considered to be wrongful death. By filing a lawsuit with a car accident lawyer in Greensboro, NC, the family can be sure they receive aggressive representation. Important Steps to Take As Soon As Possible:… Read More

What Does “Improper Equipment” Mean in NC?

by Sean Creedon on October 9, 2017

You may have heard this term before regarding a speeding ticket in the state of North Carolina and wondered what it meant. Improper Equipment refers to an attempt to reduce the fine for a speeding ticket issued. It is considered a non-moving violation and refers to faulty equipment in the vehicle, such as the speedometer. An experienced speeding ticket attorney in Greensboro can help you file for Improper Equipment following a moving violation. What are the Benefits of Pleading for an Improper Equipment Reduction? Lower fine. Reducing your speeding ticket to Improper Equipment means you pay a lower fine. There… Read More

Should You Go to Traffic School?

by Sean Creedon on September 25, 2017

If you have received a ticket for a traffic violation, such as a speeding ticket or another infraction, you may be wondering what your options are. Should you pay the ticket, fight the ticket, or go to traffic school? Each option certainly has its advantages, but also some disadvantages. Consider the pros and cons of each route before making your decision. Fighting a Ticket with a Traffic Attorney in Greensboro, NC Pros: If you win, which is more likely with a traffic lawyer in Greensboro, NC, you can avoid paying a fine. Plus, you are spared the points on your… Read More

When to Go to the Doctor After an Automobile Accident

by Sean Creedon on September 9, 2017

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, it’s always wise to seek medical treatment in case of any injuries. You should see a doctor immediately following the accident if you feel any pain and even if you don’t. Some injuries don’t show up right away due to the adrenaline that is released in your body from the excitement of the wreck. Any car wreck attorney in Greensboro, NC, would advise you to fully document your injuries and medical care following an accident in case you need to pursue legal action. Why is it important to visit the doctor soon… Read More