If you were given probation as a result of an arrest or a crime committed, the judge at your hearing set certain terms for your probation. These terms typically include rules of conduct that you are expected to follow for a certain period of time. If these terms are not met, you are considered to be in violation of your probation. Consequences of probation violation vary depending upon the severity of the violation and the number of repeat violations. If the status of your probation is in question, you need a Probation Violations who can stand up for your rights.

What to Expect if you are Accused of Probation Violation

  • Warning. On your first offense, you may only receive a warning.
  • Community service. You may be ordered to perform community service on top of you probation terms.
  • Rehabilitation. If your crime involved drug or alcohol abuse, you may be required to go to a rehabilitation program.
  • Counseling. Counseling may be recommended if there is a mental or emotional disorder apparent.
  • Fines. Sometimes fines are to be payed to the court or to the victim of the original crime committed or to the victim of the crime that caused the probation violation.
  • Jail time. You may receive jail time instead of probation.
  • Longer probation. Your probation period may be lengthened.
  • Revocation of probation. Your probation may be revoked, meaning you will go to jail to finish out your original sentence.
  • New charges. If a new crime was committed that lead to the violation of your probation, you may face additional charges for that crime.

Get Help from a Probation Violation Lawyer in Greensboro

Don Vaughan and Associates have helped many clients who were accused of violation of probation to receive lesser consequences. With legal representation you have a better chance of avoiding the harsher consequences that can come from violating your probation. Call Don Vaughan and Associates TAP: 336-273-1415 to give yourself a better chance at a more positive outcome.