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2018 Citizen Lawyer Award Winner Don Vaughan

The Citizen Lawyer Committee of the NCBA Young Lawyers Division, in conjunction with the NCBA Citizen Lawyer Committee, provides expanded coverage of the 2018 Citizen Lawyer Award recipients in recognition of their volunteer service and leadership in their communities and beyond.

By Andrew Gordon

GREENSBORO – Don Vaughan has dedicated practically his entire legal career to exemplifying the characteristics of the Citizen Lawyer.

Prior to receiving his law degree from Wake Forest in 1979, Vaughan began his career as the Legislative Clerk to esteemed United States Senator from North Carolina, Robert Morgan, in Washington.

After getting a taste for political life, Vaughan was ready to serve his community. He was elected to seven terms as a member of the Greensboro City Council, two of those terms as Mayor Pro Tem. He was elected to two terms in the North Carolina Senate, one as Deputy Leader. He has also served on the Board of the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce, Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, Greensboro Merchants Association, and numerous other civic organizations. Vaughan served on the North Carolina Courts Commission and continues to serve as a member of the State Banking Commission. He received the Distinguished Award from the North Carolina Institute of Political Leadership and the Order of the Long Leaf Pine. Read the full article

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Car Accident? Don Vaughan can handle the insurance companies

Even with a minor car accident, lawyers can be a great asset. Charges are sometimes filed that result in fines and damage to your driving record. Insurance claims can be complicated, especially if there are injuries involved. Your insurance company will pay as little as possible and probably still raise your rates. Don’t just accept what your insurance company offers. Call a car accident lawyer in Greensboro, NC, who knows how to beat the insurance companies at their own game. Call Don Vaughan and Associates. We will stand up for your rights and make sure you get what you deserve from the insurance companies.

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